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Mission & History

Our mission is to perpetuate the dream of our founders and to carry out their legacy as we continue to be of service to all mankind.

In 1924, Phi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was established in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The chapter, which was the third to be organized in the South Atlantic Region, drew its members from Charlotte, Greensboro and Durham, as well as from Winston-Salem.

Marguerite Adams and Mamie Williams of Charlotte were members of the Phi Omega chapter, and journeyed monthly from Charlotte to Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Durham to meetings. In 1929, there were enough members in Charlotte to establish a chapter, and M. Sydney Mayo (Brown) South Atlantic Regional Director, set up Alpha Lambda Omega Day, on May 9, 1929 as the fifth chapter of the South Atlantic Region in Charlotte, North Carolina. There were six charter members: Marguerite Adams, Edith Butler, Lillie Bell Watkins Blue, Mildred Alexander, Elnora Owens, Mamie Williams. Marguerite Adams was the chapter's first president in 1932.

Alpha Lambda Omega entertained the 2nd (South Atlantic) Regional Conference in 1932. At the time, there were only five chapter members in Alpha Lambda Omega. 24 delegates attended the conference. The registration fee was $1.00. The community housed and fed the delegates.

Alpha Lambda Omega chapter meetings were conducted in different homes of members. As membership grew, meetings would move from member homes to the North Branch Public Library on LaSalle Street. Other locations have been used through the years as well, including the Excelsior Club, Hotel Alexander, The Omega House and churches such as Memorial Presbyterian and First Baptist West. In the fifties, every September, the chapter's annual rededication service was held at the home of Clinton L. Blake, uncle to member Minnie Alma Blake. There, the members were well entertained outside on the lawn of Mr. Blake's home.

As the years passed, Alpha Lambda Omega continued its impact on the Charlotte Community, the State of North Carolina, nationally and internationally. The chapter increased in size and so did the South Atlantic Region, which in 1953 was divided into two regions. The states of North Carolina and Virginia comprised the Mid-Atlantic Region with the states of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida forming the South Atlantic Region. This remains so today. The first Mid-Atlantic Regional Director was Rose Butler Brown. Alpha Lambda Omega is one of only two chapters to produce three Mid-Atlantic Regional Directors: Elizabeth Randolph, 5th Mid-Atlantic Regional Director (1960-1964) Barbara W. Davis, 10th Mid-Atlantic Regional Director (1982-1986) Doris R. Asbury, 13th Mid-Atlantic Regional Director (1994-1998). Since 1929, the chapter has had 33 members to serve in the position of President.  The Alpha Lambda Omega Chapter celebrated its 75th Diamond Anniversary March 11 - 13, 2005. 

Today, under the leadership of International President Dannette Anthony Reid, our focus is Soaring to Greater Heights of Service and Sisterhood,SM.


On October 15, 1953, the chapter presented a successful Fashionetta fundraiser entitled "A Fashion Pleasure Cruise."1957-1958, The Princess Ball (debutante) was headed by Elsie Woodard. In the early 60's the chapter held a CARARAMA fundraiser that was headed by  Lucille Jackson Wilson. This was an operetta depicting vintage cars. The attending lucky ticket was awarded the door prize of an automobile.

In 1966, the chapter presented high school seniors in a fundraiser called "Artes Modernes." Junior high students were presented while emphasizing and presenting the works of local artists. In 1985-86, the first Little Miss AKA Pageant was organized. The Little Miss AKA Pageant is the major vehicle through which funds raised are donated back to the community through scholarships and community outreach organizations. Each year, members work with a group of girls, ages 7-12, in a series of activities that are designed for cultural enrichment. The activities range from service projects, etiquette sessions, goal setting and communication seminars. The culmination of the activities is a formal pageant where the young ladies present themselves through various forms of creative expression.

In 1995, the PEARL Award, headed by Eddyce D. Hobson was established. The Pursuit of Excellence in Achievement through Responsive Leadership (PEARL) Award was designed and developed by Alpha Lambda Omega Chapter with the intent of encouraging the values, ideals and precepts that encompass our purpose of being of "service to all mankind." The PEARL Award seeks to recognize such outstanding leadership, excellence and achievement among members of our community. The first recipient of the PEARL Award was Barbara W. Davis.

Alpha Lambda Omega has served the Charlotte community through its many cultural educational, philanthropic and social endeavors. In addition, our chapter has responded to the call of the national body in its concerns for the welfare of our Black population. We have supported and/or initiated projects dealing with Sickle Cell Anemia, Cleveland Job Corps, United Negro College Fund, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Scholarship Grants, Domestic and Foreign Travel Grants, Reading Experiences, The Ivy AKADEMY and the Black Family.

Alpha Lambda Omega hosted the 1959, 1976, 1986 and the 2004 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conferences. Since 1978, we have hosted four Western Carolina Cluster Meetings and in 1994, Alpha Lambda Omega was one of the hostess chapters for the 41st Regional Conference in Charlotte. In 1999 and 2004, Alpha Lambda Omega as part of the Western Carolina Cluster, helped host the 46th and 51st Mid-Atlantic Regional Conferences in Asheville and Charlotte, respectively.

In 2014, Alpha Lambda Omega was a hostess chapter for the largest bi-annual international conference in Charlotte, NC.

Alpha Lambda Omega is proud of its representation on the regional and international levels. Three of its members have served as directors of the Mid-Atlantic Region; one has served as International Parliamentarian; one, as Editor-in-Chief of the Ivy Leaf, the sorority's international magazine. Others have served and are now serving as members of international and regional committees.

Locally, Alpha Lambda Omega provides a strong presence in the area by sponsoring several events in Charlotte that allows for participation by our youth whom we strive to serve as well as our community as a whole. With over 500 members, Alpha Lambda Omega members are ready and willing to assist the community in any way possible. The chapter has been involved in several projects, which have included leadership training, political awareness, healthcare and the awarding of scholarships to local students.

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