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Charter Members & Past Presidents

The following six women chartered the Alpha Lambda Omega chapter on May 9, 1929:

Marguerite Adams Edith Butler Lillie Bell Watkins
Mildred Alexander Elnora Owens Mamie Williams


The first initiation for Alpha Lambda Omega took place in 1931 at the Old Episcopal Church.  Those initiated included:

Charlotte Norwood Cecelia Jackson Sadie Pegram


The following are past presidents of the Alpha Lambda Omega chapter: 

Marguerite Adams

Virginia H. Wood*

Joyce C. Woodard

 Doris Williams*

Myrtle Brodie*

Elsie E. Woodard

Marilyn C. McClain

Mildred Phillips (Alridge)*

Vinie M. Watkins*

Marian T. Yates

Louise Spears (Meadows)

Catherine R. Hawkins*

Annie L. Timmons

Elizabeth Herndon

Willie Mae McKissick

Anna Kate Davis*

Evelyn Hill (Maxwell)

Marion Jacobs Phillips*

Delzora M. Clark

Laura S. Malone*

Christine B. Brown (Jeffries)

Ella P. Hand*

Jayne Hemphill

Barbara W. Davis

Barbara B. Atwater*

Doris R. Asbury

Lula S. Moore*

Debora S. Blakney

Elizabeth S. Randolph

Elizabeth R. Dargan*

Shirley Smalls

Beulah D. Moore

Wilhelmina M. White*

Patrice Wright*

Allegra M. Westbrooks

Marie L. Grier

 Kelly Dargins*


(green) Ivy Beyond the Wall      (*) Elected twice

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